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Brown Family Bible


James Truman Brown died at Galway Saratoga Co. N.Y. January 13th A.D. 1847.

Harriet J. A. Brown died at Mt. Hope, Mo. October 31st, 1870, aged 55 yr 8 mo. & 20 days.

Harriet J. Maxwell died at Mt. Hope Mo. March 27th A.D. 1879 aged 37 y & 10 month.


Richard Brown & Harriet Julia Ann Horner were married at Johnson, Franklin Co. Vermont June 13th A.D. 1836.

Mr. Samuel A. Whitney & Miss Julia A. Brown were married at Warrensburgh Mo. November 29th A.D. 1867.

Mr. Leander A. Maxwell & Miss Harriet J. Brown were married at Mt. Hope Mo. May 17th 1870.

Mr. Milton V. Powell and Miss Emily G. Brown were married at Mt. Hope Mo. November 5th 1874.


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