Deaths 1930-1944

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Source codes are explained at the bottom of the list. If two sources disagree in details, they are entered on separate lines. If they agree, both sources are listed in the Source column of a single line entry. I/O indicates "Infant of." Although some southeastern state HATHAWAY records are included, this list emphasizes HATTAWAY and HATAWAY. It is by no means inclusive. In 1946, Georgia began listing both the county of death and the county of residence. When these differ, the county of residence is indicated in parentheses. An asterisk by the name indicates I have a copy of the death certificate.
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County State Date of Death Source
James A. Hattaway Escambia Alabama ?? Apr 1930 ADI
Mrs. Minnie Hattaway Bleckley Georgia 16 May 1930 GDI
Helen J. Hattaway Bibb Georgia 2 Aug 1930 GDI
Ada Hattaway Coffee Alabama ?? Dec 1930 ADI
Gustavus M. Hathaway Houston Alabama Mar 1931 ADI
Zella M. Hataway Lamar Alabama ?? Oct 1931 ADI
Josephine G. Hathaway Calhoun Alabama Nov 1931 ADI
Mrs. Eula Hataway Bibb Georgia 17 Jun 1932 GDI
Sussie Bell Hathaway Baldwin Georgia 24 Jul 1932 GDI
I/O Brantley Hattaway Pike Alabama ?? Aug 1932 ADI
Wesley L. Hataway Bibb Georgia 11 Nov 1932 GDI, CM
Sara Bama Hattaway Coffee Alabama ?? Dec 1932 ADI
Theron E. Hattaway Escambia Alabama ?? Dec 1932 ADI
David G. Hathaway Houston Alabama ?? Dec 1932 ADI
James Thera Hattaway Conecuh Alabama ?? Jan 1933 ADI
Irwin H. Hattaway Butts Georgia 29 Jul 1933 GDI
Magdelene Hattaway Washington Georgia 31 Jul 1933 GDI
Martha Hattaway Washington Georgia 31 Jul 1933 GDI
Casey Hattaway Pike Alabama ?? Oct 1933 ADI
J. Alvie Hattaway Escambia Alabama ?? Feb 1934 ADI
Oliver H. Hathaway Lamar Alabama ?? Feb 1934 ADI
Bobbie J. Hathaway Geneva Alabama ?? Mar 1934 ADI
Martha J. Hathaway Geneva Alabama ?? Mar 1934 ADI
Frances E. "Fannie" Hataway Bibb Georgia 19 Jun 1934 GDI, CM
Mrs. Harvey G. Hathaway Fulton Georgia 17 Nov 1934 GDI
Doris E. Hathaway Fulton Georgia 15 Dec 1934 GDI
Mildred I. Hathaway Mobile Alabama ?? Feb 1935 ADI
Morris F. Hattaway Escambia Alabama ?? May 1935 ADI
William B. Hattaway Fulton Georgia 14 May 1935 GDI
S. J. Hattaway * Laurens Georgia 7 Jul 1935 GDI, CDR
Anne Hathaway Fulton Georgia 16 Jul 1935 GDI
Robert Hattaway Coffee Alabama ?? Aug 1935 ADI
Arnold Hataway Coffee Alabama ?? Sep 1935 ADI
Charles A. Hattaway Chatham Georgia 6 Oct 1935 GDI
Mrs. Alton R. Hattaway Laurens Georgia 26 Oct 1935 GDI
Roscoe Hataway DeKalb Alabama ?? Jan 1936 ADI
Nona Hattaway Richmond Georgia 1 June 1936 GDI
Randle Hattaway Coffee Alabama ?? Jul 1936 ADI
Mrs. E. H. Hattaway Dodge Georgia 21 Aug 1936 GDI
Donald Hataway Houston Alabama ?? Apr 1937 ADI
Mrs. N. H. Hattaway Washington Georgia 10 Jul 1937 GDI
Mrs. Lula V. Hathaway Bibb Georgia 3 Aug 1937 GDI
Julie Hattaway Grady Georgia 8 Sep 1937 GDI
Mattie Hattaway Coffee Alabama ?? Oct 1937 ADI
William H. Hataway Pickens Alabama ?? Nov 1937 ADI
Clydie R. Hataway Jackson Georgia 10 Dec 1937 GDI
Mrs. J. B. Hataway Covington Alabama ?? Jan 1938 ADI
William T. Hattaway Rockdale Georgia 11 Feb 1938 GDI
Timothy Hattaway Talladega Alabama ?? Mar 1938 ADI
Charles W. Hattaway Coffee Alabama ?? Jul 1938 ADI
Willie D. Hattaway Fulton Georgia 30 Jul 1938 GDI
Joseph E. Hattaway Covington Alabama ?? Sep 1938 ADI
Andrew M. Hattaway Washington Georgia 8 Oct 1938 CM (not in GDI)
Mrs. Lizzie Hattaway Thomas Georgia 12 Oct 1938 GDI
Slyvia Hathaway Chatham Georgia 18 Oct 1938 GDI
Lewis M. Hataway Escambia Alabama ?? Dec 1938 ADI
Mrs. G. B. Hattaway Bibb Georgia 31 Jan 1939 GDI
John H. Hattaway Coffee Alabama ?? Jul 1939 ADI
Alex S. Hattaway Pierce Georgia 31 Jan 1940 GDI
Isaac P. Hataway Tuscaloosa Alabama 7 Jun 1940 ADI
Ralph Hathaway Fulton Georgia 25 Jun 1940 GDI
George Hathaway Jefferson Alabama 10 Apr 1940 ADI
Mabel E. Hathaway Jefferson Alabama 13 Aug 1940 ADI
Naomia L. Hattaway Wheeler Georgia 4 Sep 1940 GDI
Benjamin F. Hathaway Fulton Georgia 17 Sep 1940 GDI
Orr Hathaway Bibb Georgia 10 Feb 1941 GDI
Ellen W. Hattaway Coffee Alabama 27 Mar 1941 ADI
Mrs. Lucy Hattaway Chatham Georgia 4 Apr 1941 GDI
Mrs. Willie R. Hattaway Pike Alabama 11 Apr 1941 ADI
Nannie B. Hattaway Jeff Davis Georgia 10 May 1941 GDI
(2) I/O R. S. Hattaway Fulton Georgia 19 Jun 1941 GDI
Elsmer Hathaway Macon Alabama 12 Oct 1941 ADI
Jimmie L. Hattaway Washington Georgia 22 Oct 1941 GDI
Cleveland L. Hattaway Montgomery Alabama 27 Nov 1941 ADI
Cleveland Hattaway Washington Georgia 27 Nov 1941 CM (not in GDI)
Nannie M. Hathaway Johnson Georgia 12 Dec 1941 GDI
Lee A. Hattaway Wheeler Georgia 16 Dec 1941 BR, CM, GDI
Dorothy I. Hathaway Jefferson Alabama 4 Mar 1942 ADI
Martha E. Hattaway Ben Hill Georgia 19 May 1942 GDI
Nellie McCoy Hattaway Los Angeles California 25 May 1942 CDI
Naomi B. Hattaway Wheeler Georgia 11 Jul 1942 GDI
Ora M. Hattaway Wilcox Alabama 28 Aug 1941 ADI
Annie I. Hattaway Geneva Alabama 4 Sep 1942 ADI
Leon B. Hattaway Pike Alabama 25 Nov 1942 ADI
W. W. Hattaway Fulton Georgia 1 May 1943 GDI
William H. Hathaway Jefferson Alabama 5 Jun 1943 ADI
Mrs. J. A. Hattaway Covington Alabama 28 Jun 1943 ADI
Fred Hataway Coffee Alabama ?? Jul 1943 ADI
Wallace Hataway Cleburne Alabama ?? Jul 1943 ADI
Mrs. Sadie Hathaway Fulton Georgia 13 Jul 1943 GDI
William R. Hattaway Terrell Georgia 3 Aug 1943 GDI
Ann Hataway Jefferson Alabama 22 Sep 1943 ADI
Mattie R. Hattaway Tattnal Georgia 26 Oct 1943 GDI
Hubert M Hathaway Fulton Georgia 20 Nov 1943 GDI
Edward L. Hathaway Mobile Alabama 28 Nov 1943 ADI
David P. Hattaway Fulton Georgia 29 Apr 1944 GDI
Sam Hattaway Washington Georgia 17 Sep 1944 CM, GDI
J. A. Hattaway Bibb Georgia 2 Nov 1944 GDI
Mrs. W. J. Hattaway Fulton Georgia 1 Dec 1944 GDI
J. O. Hathaway Tuscaloosa Alabama 22 Dec 1944 ADI
ADI = Alabama Death Index
BR = Bible Records
CDI = California Death Index
CDR = Certified Death Record
CM = Cemetery Marker
FDI = Florida Death Index
FR = Funeral Record
GDI = Georgia Death Index
Obit = Obituary
ODI = Ohio Death Index

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