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Name Residence (District, County) Buyer,
if Lot
Date Granted Lot District Sect. County1
1820LL2 Peter Abnah Penn's, Elbert C. Attaway 16 May 1842 141 12 ----- Habersh.
1820LL William C. Wallace Wallis, Jasper C. Attaway 16 May 1842 385 9 ----- Irwin
1820LL Auley Hadaway, widow Moore's, Wilkes ----- 5 Oct 1832 159 9 ----- Hall
18323 Lucy Haterway Allen's, Campbell ----- ----- 210 4 4 Floyd
1832 Martin Hathaway Valleau's, Chatham ----- ----- 23 6 2 Gilmer
1832 Martin Hathaway Valleau's, Chatham ----- ----- 67 27 3 Murray
1832 Baton Hattaway, soldier Down's, Warren ----- bef. 1 Jun 1838 61 12 2 Gilmer
1832 Edmund B. Hattaway Allen's, Clarke ----- ----- 121 10 1 Union
1All lots from the 1832 land lottery were listed as being in Cherokee County. Immediately after the lottery, the land was divided into 9 separate counties: Cass (later renamed Bartow), Cherokee, Cobb, Floyd, Forsyth, Gilmer, Lumpkin, Paulding and Union. These county names are shown in the chart for clarity. I may have made errors in placing the lots in the correct county.
21820LL denotes lots omitted from the 1820 land lottery and subsequently distributed to participants in that lottery.
3Participation in the Georgia Land Lottery of 1832 (AKA The Cherokee Land Lottery) must have been residents of Georgia for at least 3 years. Revolutionary soldiers were given extra draws. Participants registered in their home counties; the draws were held in the then-state capital of Milledgeville. Fortunate drawers paid a grant fee of $18. Source: Smith, James F. The 1832 Cherokee Land Lottery of Georgia.

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