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Bride County State Date of Marriage Source
James Bartley Elizabeth Hathaway Lancaster VA 20 Dec 1763 County
James Hathaway Joanna Neavill Fauquier VA 25 Mar 1771 County
George Cameron Elizabeth Hattaway Petersburg VA 22 Oct 1786 County
Joseph Harrington Mary Hathaway Fauquier VA 9 Apr 1787 County
John Glascock Ann Hathaway Fauquier VA 1 Dec 1788 County
Richard Nutt Elizabeth Hathaway Fauquier VA 25 Nov 1788 County
Edward Rogers Elizabeth Hathaway Fauquier VA 21 Jun 1790 County
Silas Hattaway Rebecca Ouring Mason KY 1 Jun 1793  
John Hattaway Elizabeth Bugg Columbia GA 14 Jan 1806 County, Book1
Henry Hataway Susannah Stiggins Baldwin AL2 20 Sep 1813 County, Book2
William Patterson Clark Maria Louisa Hattaway Mecklenburg NC 24 Jul 1816  
Irwin Hattaway Rebecca Wiggins Warren GA 25 Sep 1823 County*
Burton Hicks Ann Hattaway Columbia GA 27 Jan 1825  
Lacey Hathaway Elizabeth Teal Jasper GA 12 Feb 1825 County
William Bridges Abarilla Hattaway Warren GA 1 Mar 1825 County*
Burton Hicks Ann B. Hattaway Columbia GA 27 Jun 1825 County
Comer Hataway Temperance Moore Monroe GA 12 Mar 1826 County
John B. Hathaway2 Lucy Crofut Fairfield CT 3 Sep 1829 Book3
Sterling Hattaway Mary Jones Putnam GA 7 May 1832 County
Moses Stout Mary Hattaway Floyd IN 3 Jun 1834  
Abel Hattaway Mary Moody Warren GA 17 Jul 1834 County
George Graham Mary Hattaway Clarke GA 6 Jan 1835 County
Redmond Corbitt Chloe Hattaway Edgecombe NC 29 Apr 1835  
James W. Farmer Anna Hattaway Macon AL 25 Feb 1836  
Jackson Hattaway Betsy Coffield Washington GA 12 Sep 1837 County
Nathan Hataway Arrenia Lingo Washington GA 29 Nov 1841 County*
Peter F. Neiman Mrs. Mary S. Hattaway Ouachita LA 18 Oct 1843  
William Hattaway Olive Wilcher Warren GA 5 Dec 1843 County
John A. Curry Mary Hataway Washington GA 14 Apr 1844 County
Jessie Teal Mary Hattaway Campbell GA 26 Aug 1844 County
Joshua Watson Mary M. Hataway Walton GA 15 Dec 1844 County
James Dunn Lucinda Hattaway Crawford GA 7 Feb 1845 County
Amos Hattaway Nancy Henderson Upson GA 16 Dec 1845 County
James Hathaway Sarah Thigpen Washington GA 19 Sep 1847 County
John Hataway4 Martha Lingo Washington GA 11 Feb 1848 County
Nathaniel B. Giles Ann Hataway Washington GA 15 Jun 1848 County
John B. Giles Lucresia Hataway Washington GA 24 May 1849 County
John B. Hattaway Ann W. Moore Clarke GA 12 Jul 1849 County 
Henry Coggin Mary Hattaway Morgan GA 30 May 1850 County
Benona Hattaway Nancy Giles Hancock GA 6 Feb 1851 County*
Appleton G. Ameson Martha A. Hataway Washington GA 31 Oct 1852 County
Amos Hattaway Nancy A. Henderson Leake MS 27 Sep 1853 County
Thomas Hattaway Mary E. Holmes Fayette GA 19 May 1854 County
Thadeous House Sarah Elizabeth Hattaway Montgomery AL 24 Sep 1854  
William Mapp Elizabeth Hataway Fulton GA 27 Dec 1854 County
Emanuel Hattaway Jane Mapp Fulton GA 26 Aug 1856 County
David Hataway Mary Cash Fulton GA 22 Dec 1856 County
John W. Hattaway Appy Hattaway Glascock GA 27 May 1858 County
M. E. Lyles J. T. Hataway Clayton GA 6 May 1860 County
Rubin J. Haywood Martha Hattaway Glascock GA 26 Jul 1860 County
Aaron C. Hattaway Martha Haywood Glascock GA 5 Aug 1860 County
E. J. Hattaway S. M. Callahan Clayton GA 18 Nov 1860 County
Irwin Hattaway Mary Frances Neal Glascock GA 20 Dec 1861 County
Andrew Grizzard Tabitha Hattaway Glascock GA 29 Dec 1861 County
Alford B. Hataway Mary J. Amason Washington GA 18 Feb 1866 County
William J. Hattaway Margaret Grizzard Glascock GA 28 Oct 1866 County
Reuben Hattaway Mary P. Hillson or Willson Glascock GA 21 Mar 1867 County
Francis M. Corlee Mollie Hattaway Meriwether GA 30 Jan 1868 County
William Logue Mary Hattaway Glascock GA 8 Mar 1868 County
Williams Jacobs Cilia E. Hattaway Chambers AL 29 Oct 1868  
James W. Nunn Martha Hattaway Meriwether GA 30 Nov 1868 County
L. G. Hatterway Artymish Bridges Meriwether GA 15 Dec 1868 County
Henry C. Hattaway Laura J. Buchanan Grant IN 8 Dec 1869  
Alex Hattaway Ann Williams Lowndes MS 29 Dec 1869  
Thomas Nelms Mary E. Hattaway Green GA 22 Feb 1870 County
William T. Hattaway Mary Burgamy Washington GA 7 Mar 1870 County
John B. Hataway Georgiann Giles Washington GA 3 Jul 1870 County
William Hattaway Elizabeth Walden Glascock GA 3 Nov 1870 County
Barton E. Thrasher Sallie F. Hattaway Clarke GA 9 May 1872  
Nathan Hattaway Ann Curry Washington GA 19 Oct 1872 County*
John Daniel Appa Hattaway Glascock GA 3 Dec 1872 County
Reuben May Miss Mattie Hataway Washington GA 26 Jul 1873 News5,6
A. P. Hadaway S. E. Floyd Clayton GA 30 Oct 1873 IGI
Thos J. Johnson Elizabeth Hattaway Glascock GA 28 Dec 1873 County
James Hattaway Miss Lucy Kemp Washington GA 9 Apr 1875 News
Alex Hattaway Georgiana Armstead Lowndes MS 18 Sep 1875  
Oliver Hattaway Julia Elizabeth Henderson Lowndes MS 16 Dec 1875  
Reubin May Maggie Hataway Washington GA 27 Jul 1876 County5,6
George W. Holton Cresy Hataway Washington GA 7 Jan 1877 County
Daniel A. Anderson Josephine Hattaway Crawford AR 18 Apr 1877  
Enoch Renfroe Martha Hataway Washington GA 30 Sep 1877 County
Andrew J. Hattaway Lizzie Williamson Crawford AR 3 Oct 1877  
J. J. Attaway Mary E. Tanner Washington GA 30 Oct 1877 County
M. G. Hattaway M. J. White Lincoln LA 7 Nov 1877  
Doctor May Mollie Hataway Washington  GA 24 Oct 1878 County
Lawson M. Newsome Elizabeth F. Hattaway Glascock GA 27 Oct 1878 County
John McSollies Anna Hataway Madison MO 24 Nov 1878 County
Reuben May Mariah Hataway Glascock GA 26 Jun 1879 County
H. L. Howard Alice Hataway Cherokee TX 17 Jul 1879 County
Thomas Wright Martha S. Hattaway Washington GA 1 Apr 1880 County
John Bergamy Annie Hattaway Washington GA 12 Sep 1880 County
Elisha Hattaway Sousan Hattaway Glascock GA 5 Dec 1880 County
A. J. Hataway M. B. Holladay Troup GA 15 Dec 1881 County
David C. Lyon Sallie Hathaway Washington GA 9 Mar 1882 County
W. S. Hathaway Miss Nancy Jordan Washington GA 28 May 1882 County
Alexander Maingault Mamie E. Hattaway Crawford AR 30 Nov 1882  
Francis D. Johnson Eliza J. Hathaway Washington GA 24 Jun 1883 County
Jackson C. Cobb Sallie Hataway Washington GA 27 Oct 18837 County
William Mott Miss Sallie Hataway Washington GA 28 Nov 1883 County
Josiah Amason Miss Nancy Hataway Washington GA 27 Dec 1883 County
John B. Hataway Mary A. D. Miller Washington GA 25 Sep 1884 County
S. J. Hataway C. L. Kitchen Glascock GA 12 Oct 1884 County
John Hatfield Annie Hattaway Madison MO 1 Jan 1885 County
Lee J. Burgamy Polly Hataway Washington GA 7 Feb 1886 County
James H. Attaway Ida Hayes Washington GA 28 May 1886 County
William M. Hataway Ida Deloach Troup GA 26 Dec 1886 County
John B. Camp Eliza Hataway Washington GA 9 Jun 1889 County
Amos Hataway Rebecca Wiggins Glascock GA 11 Dec 1887 County
James Dudley Elizabeth Hataway Glascock GA 26 Jan 1888 County
William N. Jackson Georgia Ann Hattaway Washington GA 26 Jul 1888 County
Andrew Hattaway Mattie Amason Washington GA 23 Jul 1889 County
C. M. Floyd Fannie Hattaway Coffee AL 19 Aug 1890  
Samuel Hathaway Sarah Crosby Wayne GA 23 Jun 1891 County
S. J. Hataway Norra Avera Glascock GA 20 Oct 1892 County
J. W. Hataway Emma Wheeless Hunt TX 6 Dec 1892 County
Joseph A. Hathaway Nancy Harvey Wayne GA 4 Apr 1893 County
James Pitts Annie Hattaway Troup GA 27 Dec 1893 County
Albert M. Scarborough Lillie May Hattaway Crawford AR 26 Dec 1894  
Granville Knight Minnie Hattaway Troup GA 16 Jan 1895 County
G. M. Hattaway Lizzie Donaldson Coffee AL 21 Jan 1895  
John Maning Julia Hattaway Coffee AL 12 Mar 1896  
Isaac N. Bethany Mrs. Nancy E. Hattaway Crawford AR 14 Jan 1897  
A. B. Hataway L. E. Kitchens Glascock GA 21 Apr 1897 County
Johnson Hattaway Mertie May Pierce Coffee AL 28 Dec 1897  
A. A. Duke Allie Hataway Hunt TX 16 Jan 1898 County
J. A. Hattaway P. M. Wooten Lincoln LA 1 Dec 1898  
T. C. Hataway Katie Nunn Glascock GA 22 Jan 1899 County
James Hattaway Maude Windsor Coffee AL 21 Aug 1899  
Calos Robinson Clara A. Hattaway Lincoln LA 25 Oct 1899  
John W. Pennell Emma Hattaway Lincoln LA 21 Dec 1899  
Guy Hattaway Mrs. Gail Hutchens Grant IN 25 Dec 1899  
Haywood Miller Mattie Hattaway Lincoln LA 30 Dec 1900  
George Hattaway Lomie Daniels Glascock GA 25 Dec 1903 County
Amos Hattaway Alice Hadden Glascock  GA 6 Jan 1907 County
* I have a copy of the county record. (Others are transcriptions from microfilm.)
1Ingmire, Frances J. Colonial Georgia Marriage Records from 1760s to 1810. (1985)
2Thomas, Oliver U. Jr. and Thomas, Elizabeth Wood. Alabama Marriages: Baldwin County 1810-1836. (1968) In the book, the Woods point out that Alabama did not exist as a state before 1819. In 1813, Baldwin County was part of what was known as the Mississippi Territory. According to the Woods, people born in this place during this time period generally told descendants they were "born in Alabama" as that is what the region became.
John B. Hathaway was from Laurens County, Georgia. Source: Huxford, Judge Folks. Marriages & Obituaries from Early Georgia Newspaper Abstracts, p. 362. (Southern Historical Press, 1989.)
4There is an IGI entry for an alleged marriage in Washington County, GA between John Hataway and Ann Pate on 10 Mar 1847. I have seen the microfilmed certificate of Ann Pate's Washington County marriage of 10 Mar 1847 and her spouse was Henry Hicks, not John Hataway. All other details (bride's name, date, location) agree, so I believe this is an error in the IGI. The source of the IGI entry was a genealogy submitted by an individual, and this is a good illustration of why you should always dig down for primary sources.
5Evans, Tad. Washington County Georgia Newspaper Clippings. (1994)
6The county records list a marriage between Reubin May and Maggie Hataway on 27 Jul 1876 officiated by William Duggin, J.P. However, three years earlier, a newspaper clipping dated 8 Aug 1873 reported a marriage between Reuben May and Mattie Hataway "on 26th ult. by William Duggin, J.P. at the residence of the bride's father in Washington County." (26th ult. would place the date as 26 Jul 1873.) There is significant evidence that the bride was America Hattaway, daughter of John Hattaway and Martha Lingo.
7No marriage return; date is that of the license. 

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