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Note: Molly and Mattie are both occasionally nicknames for Martha.

A Multitude of Marthas!

1. Martha Hattaway, 
b. ca. 1800
Wife of Baton Hattaway; family name unknown.  Appears with Baton on the Washington Co. Georgia census in 1850 (age 50) & 1860 (age 55). Is mentioned in Baton's will.  It is not difficult to keep this Martha separate from the others.
2. Martha Lingo Hattaway,
b. ca 1829
Born Martha LINGO. Married John Hattaway, son of Baton and Martha Hattaway, on 13 Feb 1848. Appears with John on the Washington Co. Georgia census in 1850 (age 21), 1860 (age 30), 1870 (age 41), and 1880 (age 52). Applied for 12 month's widow's support from John's estate on 16 Jul 1888. May be the Martha Hathaway listed alone on the Washington Co. Georgia census in 1890 (age 64).
3. Martha Hattaway, 
b. ca 1830?
Probable wife of M. D. Hattaway (Martin? Marlin?). Died 18 Dec 1914. Buried in New Hope Cemetery, Jones County, Georgia. Descendants in Bibb County and elsewhere. Birth date is a total guess based on M. D.'s birthdate of 1829.
4. Martha Hattaway,
b. ca 1834
Daughter of Baton and Martha Hattaway. Married Appleton G. AMERSON on 13 Oct 1852. Appears on the Washington Co. Georgia census with her parents in 1850 (age 16), and with her husband in 1860 (age 26), 1870 (age 35) and 1880 (age 45).
5. Martha Hattaway,
b. ca 1837
Daughter of Elisha and Tabitha (DOWNS) Hattaway. Married Rubin L. HAYWOOD in Glascock County
6. Martha Hattaway,
b. ca 1847
Martha HAYWOOD, daughter of James and Elizabeth Haywood and wife of Aaron C. Hattaway, the son of Abel and Mary (MOODY) Hattaway.
7. Martha Hataway,
b. ca 1852
Appears in the 1880 U.S. Census for the State Insane Asylum, Beat 1, Hinds County, Mississippi (p. 129C). She is a 28 year old married white female, born in Alabama. She can't be confused with any of these Georgia Hattaways, but who is she? 
8. Martha Hattaway,
b. ca 1852
Daughter of Hiram and Frances Hattaway; appears in the 1860 Meriwether County census as their 8 year old daughter. Married James W. NUNN 30 Nov 1868 in Meriwether County.
9. Martha (or Anna) Hattaway
b. ca. 1853
Daughter of B. O. and Nancy (GILES) Hattaway. Granddaughter of Baton Hattaway. Appears on the Washington Co. Georgia census with her parents in 1860 (age 7, called Martha) and 1870 (age 16, called Anna).
10. Martha Hattaway
b. ca. 1854
Daughter of Nathan and Serenia (LINGO) Hattaway. Granddaughter of Baton Hattaway. Appears on the Washington Co. Georgia  census with her parents in 1870 (age 16).
It is difficult to separate Martha #9 and Martha #10 by age or census. Both are 16 in 1870 and living with their parents; both are absent from their parent's households in 1880. There is one marriage possibility: Martha Hataway married Enoch RENFROE on 30 Sep 1877.

Martha Renfroe is enumerated with Enoch on the Johnson Co. Georgia census in 1880 (age 24). One reference describes a servant girl who came to Enoch Renfroe's household from "Mr. Hattaway" in Laurens County in 1878. Nathan's descendants migrated to Laurens County while B. O.'s descendants stayed in Washington County. Decendants of Elisha Hattaway were also in Laurens County in the late 19th century. 

Martha Renfroe gave birth to at least three daughters (according to the 1880 and 1900 census entries) before her husband's early death in 1885. She remarried to a Mr. PARKER in Johnson County. I have not been able to track her further than this.

B. O. and Nancy Hattaway's daughter Martha may have died fairly early. See their second daughter named Martha, born ca 1876, below.

At one time I thought that one of these Marthas was the same person as the Mattie (or Maggie) Hataway who married Reuben MAY "at the residence of the bride's father" on 25 Jul 1873. This has since been shown to be America J. Hattaway, daughter of John and Martha (LINGO) Hattaway, and not a Martha at all.
Martha and Mollie Hattaway, 
b. 1858-1861, daughters of John & Martha Lingo Hattaway


Two daughters of John and Martha (LINGO) Hattaway. Granddaughters of Baton Hattaway. They are difficult to separate because one was born shortly before a census, one shortly after, and their names are frequently different from census to census. The predominance of data suggests that Mollie Hattaway is the elder, born 1858, and Martha Ann Hattaway is the younger, born about 1862.

CENSUS DATA (all from Washington County, Georgia): In 1860 only one of these girls is on the census, 2 year old Mosey. Both girls appear on the census with their parents in 1870: Pennina, age 11, and Martha, age 9. One appears on the census with her parents in 1880: Annie, age 20. In 1890, Mollie May, age 31, appears with her husband Dock, and Ann Burgamy, age 27, appears with her husband John. In 1900, Molly May is listed as a 39 year old, born in Oct 1860, and Martha Burgamy, age 38, has a given birthdate of Feb 1862. In 1910, Molly May is listed as a 53 year old.

MARRIAGE DATA: Mollie Hataway married Doctor MAY on 24 Oct 1878. Annie Hattaway married John BERGAMY on 12 Sep 1880.

GEORGIA DEATH INDEX DATA: Mrs. Dock May, d. 24 Feb 1930 in Washington County. It is unknown if this is the correct record. Record 8232 (1930). Martha A. Burgamy, WF, d. 24 Nov 1943, age 82, in Washington County. Record 28566 (1943).

GRAVESTONE DATA: Mrs. Mollie May, wife of Dock May, b. 19 Sep 1858 and d. 25 Feb 1931 (Pine Hill Methodist Church, Warthen, Washington County, Georgia). Martha A. Burgamy's obituary said she was buried in the Davisboro City Cemetery, Washington County, Georgia. (A transcription and photo would be appreciated.)

OBITUARY DATA: Augusta Chronicle, 28 Nov 1943, Mrs. J. T. Burgamy, 82. Also, in the Augusta Chronicle, 2 Nov 1936, Leacy Hattaway Wilkins's obituary mentions Mrs. Annie Burgamy as her surviving sister.

OTHER DATA: Floyd N. Burgamy, the son of Annie and John Burgamy, acts as an index person tying together many records for Martha Ann Hattaway (Mrs. J. T.) Burgamy. 

13. Martha S. Hattaway, b. ca 1866 Daughter of Alfred Baton and Mary Jane (Amerson) Hattaway. Granddaughter of Baton Hattaway. Martha S. Hattaway married Thomas WRIGHT on 1 Apr 1880. She is identified as "Martha S. Hattaway" in the 1870 census (with her parents) and as Mrs. Susie Wright in her mother's wills. She predeceased her mother and the 1916 and 1922 wills grant bequests to Susie Wright's children.
14. Martha Hattaway, 
b. ca 1876
Daughter of B. O. and Nancy (Giles) Hattaway. Granddaughter of Baton Hattaway. Yes, B. O. and Nancy had two daughters named Martha. If the first died before 1876, this second could have been named in remembrance of her. Or not. In any case, she was too young to have been married in 1873, 1877, 1878 or 1880. She appears on the Washington Co. Georgia census with her parents in 1880 (age 4, her name appears to be Martha Susan) and in 1890 (age 14, called Mittie). She married Kirkland ARMSTRONG in 1892 and died of complications of diabetes at the age of 46.

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