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Note: Sally or Sallie is a common nickname for Sarah.

A Swarm of Sarahs!

1. Sarah Bridges Hattaway, 
b. ca 1845
Wife of John Turner Hattaway.
2. Sarah F. Hattaway,
b. ca 1858
Only appearance is as a 2 year old on the 1860 census with Baton and Martha Hattaway. She is apparently not their child as Martha is 60 and Baton 68 at that time. She could be a grandchild, but it is unclear of which son. No other reference after 1860. Possibly the same as the "two" Sallie Hattaways, b. 1860 and 1861?
3. Sallie L. Cobb Hattaway, 
b. ca 1858
Wife of John Lee Hattaway and granddaughter-in-law of Baton and Martha Hattaway..
4. Sallie Hattaway, b. ca 1860 Married William Mott in 1883. He died tragically in 1886 and she appears alone on the 1890 census, with no apparent children. She is living next door to John B. Hattaway, who is Penny Hattaway's child, and may be the same as Sallie Hattaway, b. ca 1861. Her life after 1890 is unknown.
5. Sallie Hattaway, b. ca 1861 Only appearance is as a 9 year old on the 1870 census with Penny Stavely Hattaway. She is apparently not Penny's child as Penny has been widowed since before 1850. Possibly the same as Sarah F. Hattaway, b. ca 1858 and Sallie Hattaway, b. 1860? Note that in Penny's 1870 household there is another possible foster child, Lucretia Hattaway, age 12, who does not appear in Baton's household in 1860, or for that matter anywhere else that we know of.
6. Sarah F. Hattaway,
b. ca 1867
Daughter of Alfred Baton Hattaway and Mary Jane Amerson. Married David C. Lyons and appears with him and their large family through all known censuses.
7. Sarah Lucinda Hattaway,
b. ca 1868
Daughter of B. O. Hattaway and Nancy Giles. Found in the 1870 and 1880 censuses. May be wife of William Mott, see above, or wife of Jackson Cobb, see below. One researcher said she married a Bridges, but there is no evidence of it yet. She appears in the 1870 census as a 2 year old and in the 1880 census as well, but is not with the family in 1890.
8. Sallie L. Hattaway
b. ca 1869
Parents unknown. Married Jackson Cobb.
9. Sallie Herndon Hattaway,
b. ca 1874
Mostly lived in Laurens County, wife of Joseph E. Hattaway. Widowed at age 30, remarried Bryant Freeman Harden, making her Sallie Herndon Hattaway Harden. (!)
10. Sarah Lazetta "Sallie" Hattaway, 
b. Sep 1899
Daughter of Thomas T. Hattaway and Vandella Hattaway. Married Eddie Burrough Keel.
11. Sara Williamson Hattaway, 
b. ca 1904
Wife of Paul Hyman Hattaway.

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